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The savings account is a type of deposit that generates a return in the form of interest, and always depending on the period in which it remains in the bank. It is a good way to monetize the savings, because they grow only because they are deposited in the bank, without the need to invest; Let’s say that the bank gives you a return for saving your money. For this reason, the savings account is a very popular product ; almost all of us have one or several.

In addition, when withdrawing this fund, availability is immediate . In other words, money can be withdrawn at any time, in any bank branch or in its ATM network. For this, the holder must submit a receipt, called a debit note.

The remuneration generated by a savings account is associated with the duration of the deposit, but in addition, it can be of different types: depending on the periodicity of the collection of interest, it can be monthly, quarterly or annually . In turn, these can vary depending on whether they are charged in a uniform manner (always the same percentage), or by balance tranches (progressively).

On the other hand, the savings account is usually subject to service and maintenance fees , although in fact it is something that entities tend to eliminate, especially in the case of online banking. On the other hand, they have associated services , which the owner can enjoy: income, payment of checks and transfers, credit or debit cards associated, etc.

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