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The main obstacle that many people who apply for a loan in a financial institution find themselves in is to be part of the ASNEF list, in which the names of those who have some unresolved debt with companies of all kinds are recorded: telephone companies, electricity companies, etc. However, for Shearer that is not a problem: through our website, we do grant quick loans with ASNEF. Here we explain why.

Sign up for a loan for poor credit today 

With regard to the ‘fast’ concept of our loans for poor credit at, the explanation is also simple: they are quick to request and quick to grant. In the first case, the request is fast because all you need is a computer or a device with an Internet connection. With this, you will fill out a simple form in two steps in which you will give your personal information and the account number in which you wish to receive the money. No bureaucracy or paperwork.

And on the other hand, they are quick to grant because we work 7 days a week during the 24 hours to process your application as quickly as possible. And that usually does not take more than 15 minutes, from the moment you press the button ‘Request’ until you receive it in your account. Therefore, we also call them ‘instant’.

Loans with ASNEF, how is that possible?

To explain how our fast loans with ASNEF are, we will start with the last one: how is it possible that a person who is part of a list of defaulters can receive a loan? Very simple: there is no law that prevents it. In reality, both ASNEF and other non-payment files such as RAI are managed by private companies and are themselves the ones that impose the rule of not doing business with people with outstanding debts.

At Shearer, we do not agree with that. In fact, without denying the usefulness of these lists of defaulters, we believe that it can cause the stigmatization of many people. Each person and their circumstances are different, and access to credit is a right that we do not deny.

Because of this and the fact that our online mini- credits are ‘mini’, that is, of contained and assumable amounts, we guarantee that being enrolled in ASNEF is not an obstacle to receiving one of our credits. And this is shown by a very eloquent piece of information: 99.99% of the requests we receive, we accept them.

Why does not a bank grant quick loans while in Asnef?

Why a bank does not grant quick loans with Asnef comes, in the first place, from the lack of trust towards people. This confidence has emerged after the financial crisis that occurred worldwide and that affected mainly the granting of credit. The banks have reached a point of obsession to keep their backs that getting urgent money being in Asnef through a bank is more than a utopia. Now banks only offer to finance to those who least need it.

Secondly, it is important to know that Asnef is an association formed by numerous companies, most of the great importance in our country. Among these companies are banks, so the first thing they will do when receiving a loan is to go to the list of this file of defaulters. That’s why if you’re thinking about applying for a loan while at Asnef through a bank, drop that idea right now. At Shearer we have the best loan with Asnef and, in addition, we can help you with personalized advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In this way, you will have the security of asking for the personal loan being in Asnef that more fits with what you are looking for at the moment.

Why use these loans?

These quick loans with ASNEF can be used for expenses of very different nature, and they do not have to be considered as limit situations. They are simply another tool to organize your personal or family economy.

One of the most common uses of these quick and easy mini credits is to face a small unforeseen expense and whose maturity cannot wait. From the payment of the tuition of the Academy of your children to a traffic ticket whose reduced payment period is about to end, to mention some examples. You request it, you receive it and you pay for it. It’s that simple

Another reason to apply for a mini loan in Shearer is the lack of timely liquidity: even though you have worked harder than anyone else, your company has not paid your payroll yet and you have to face the monthly payments: rent, letter of the car, receipt of the light … In this way, you request it, you receive it and you fulfill your obligations.

Finally, another use to which you can allocate these quick loans with ASNEF is to treat yourself, why not? Improve the level of your vacation or increase your stay away from home one day, get tickets for a show that you can not see again, a romantic dinner in a unique restaurant, etc. You request it, you receive it and you enjoy the experience. To return it, you will have enough time: from a day to a month, depending on your preferences. And after that, you can go thinking about your next online microcredit. In fact, we have 98.99% of loyal customers who, after having resorted to our services, repeat later to solve other future liquidity needs.

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